Special mechanical engineering &
apparatus engineering



Let us know your requirements for your next project in a personal meeting. We will work out a suitable solution together with you.

Nähtechnik Konstruktion


Durch den Einsatz Cloud-basierter CAD-Software erhalten Sie von uns, nach erreichen der ersten Meilensteine, vollen Zugriff auf die CAD-Daten und können den Konstruktionsprozess live verfolgen.

Durch den transparenten Konstruktionsprozess ist es Ihnen jederzeit möglich auf das Endprodukt Einfluss zu nehmen und es nach Ihren Wünschen und Bedürfnissen zu formen.

Nähtechnik Fertigung


A well-balanced interaction of established standard parts and custom-made components creates your very own product.

We rely on the cooperation with many regional companies in the work of our custom-made products and thus achieve high flexibility and accuracy.

Everything from one source


In our semi-automatic lines, the process of sewing is in most cases completely automatic. 

For all manual processes on our semi-automatic machines, such as placement work, we place particular emphasis on an easy as well as error-free working method and an ergonomic working environment.
Nähmaschinen Automat
CNC gesteuerte Nähmaschine

CNC controlled sewing units

CNC-controlled machines have become indispensable in many production lines. In the sewing industry, these machines are also finding more and more areas of application.

On the one hand, project-specific sewing units are used, which can only sew one product computer-controlled, and on the other hand, units that can work across projects thanks to clamp systems.   

Fully automatic sewing units

In modern production lines, there is also an increasing need for fully automated solutions.

In order to meet this demand, we have been working closely with our partner companies for a few years. Due to the extensive experience in the field of special machine construction of our partner and our own wealth of experience in sewing technology, modern plants are created, which meet the economic and safety requirements.

Vollautomat Nähanlage
Nähmaschinen Klammerbau Nähguthalter

Clamp construction

Apperate wie Umleger, Einfasser und Anschläge

Apparatus engineering

Sonderanfertigung Näheinrichtung

Sewing equipment